7th May, 2:55am
Username:  Is Your Announce Tracker Really Working??
7th May, 2:48am
Username:  Hello Everyone, I'm A New Member Here. Than you For Entering Here
13th Nov, 1:42pm
atmyheels:  ALL BUT THE VERY OLDEST TORRENTS ON THIS TRACKER ARE DEAD FOR NOW.  Please email the@atmyheels.com if you need anything reseeded!
14th Apr, 7:03am
atmyheels:  Hi Lucas!  Adding some stuff shortly...
12th Apr, 8:56am
luscarp:  hi everybody!!
24th May, 10:19pm
ghostworld:  +1 on the White Lung
13th Mar, 7:33am
thehappyone:  White Lung
6th Sep, 2:14am
Keseybud:  Sam- Not sure the ratios are "off"...still having problems with downloading from Torrent Tracker. Was able to grab one of the two recent Terry Malts shows but the second (8-23-2012) is stuck! I'll send you an email. Danny 'Keseybud' Sherrw
2nd Sep, 3:42pm
atmyheels:  Ratios off! (hopefully)
12th Mar, 3:56pm
atmyheels:  Added an "added" field and rearranged the 'browse torrents' listing.
15th Feb, 5:38am
atmyheels:  For any of you coming in from the website, you have to REGISTER to be able to download from the tracker.  Don't worry, it's pretty easy, just go to http://incubation.atmyheels.com/account-signup.php
6th Feb, 8:17am
atmyheels:  Please feel free to use this tracker for your own postings, but try to ensure they're not something that's easily commercially available, or else I'll need to wield the heelbat.

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